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About This Blog

Oh hai! My name is Lee and I’m a big ol’ nerd. I download apps of all kinds on a regular basis because I love trying new things. I decided to start a blog so I could share these app experiences with you guys since my husband isn’t a tech nerd like me. He puts up with my blathering on about apps, bless ‘im, but I’d like to gift him with a little more sanity while also (hopefully) helping people.

So why the short ‘n’ sweet format? I was sick of wading through app reviews that read like the author was trying to write the freakin’ great American novel…. because ain’t nobody got time for that, y’all. I also like to challenge myself to be as clear and concise as possible in all my writing, and crafting reviews like this is great practice.

I’d love to hear from you guys! This is my first stab at doing the dang thang (AKA monetizing a blog) so I need all the (respectful) input I can get.

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Mood Messenger

This is my all-time favorite texting app. And I’ve literally used just about all of them.


  • You can enable large emoticons, and not just when you send a text that only contains emoticons (a feature I’ve yet to see another text app implement).


  • No in-app purchases. AKA all features are 100% free
  • Themes, some of which are animated
  • Head notifications
  • Option to resize the font while in a message by using the volume keys (très convenient, y’all)
  • Select All function for easily deleting certain texts in a message thread
  • Ability to customize texts for individual contacts
    • Background (image and opacity)
    • Text bubbles
    • Signature
    • Notification tone
    • Notification color
    • Notification LED color
    • Mute notifications
    • Deactivate Notifications
    • Hide content
  • Night Mode (yay!!!)
  • There are a ton of messaging options.



  • No ability to archive or share messages — this won’t bother some folks (like me!) at all, but I thought I’d mention it
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Listaway – the only task app I’ve ever actually used

SAD-AS-HELL UPDATE: I’m no longer using Listaway because I switched to an Android phone and it’s only available for the iPhone. *BOOOOOOOO HISS*
See posts starting in February 2019 for task apps I’ve used on Android. 

Holy shit, you guys!! Until I found this app I’d downloaded a ton of task and calendar apps… and ended up regularly using none of them.


  • It has a built-in calendar that shows you tasks that have a due date
  • It syncs with all your calendars so you can see events as well as tasks

  • It’s actually a task/list/notes/calendar app, so 4 apps in 1… wOOT!
  • Allows you to add tasks AND EVENTS (!!) from the calendar view
  •  Subtasks (unlike many apps, this one doesn’t require a membership to add subtasks… in fact the only thing you can pay for in the app is ad removal)

  • You can create lists which are categories for different types of tasks
  • Within each task are places to record the following types of information: picture files, notes, due date, alert, location, subtasks, price, & quantity – this has been incredibly helpful, as it cuts out the need for a separate notes app and allows me to keep track of information like a boss
  • Customized colors for lists, tasks, and subtasks


  • IMHO the only drawback is that the UI leaves a bit to be desired
    •  The overall look is dated
    • You can change the colors displayed throughout the app, but selecting the exact shade you want is incredibly difficult because of the way the color selector is set up (letting us enter codes would be nice, devs!)
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The Last Door: old school point-and-click adventure with a strong Lovecraftian vibe


  • Three words: Creepy. As. Shit. (It’s a horror game, so that’s a good thing right?)
  • There is a sequel (yassssssss!) called “The Last Door Season 2”. They improved on the original’s controls and it’s still (you guessed it!) creepy as shit. Seriously, it gets crazy. An opium den, suicide, sanitariums, dead bodies galore… etc.
  • The puzzles can be challenging but they aren’t ridiculous. *cough cough* King’s Quest! *cough cough*
  • Nice soundtrack and plenty of creeptastic sound effects
  • Great dialogue


  • Can’t think of a single downside


  • Episode 1 (out of 4 total) is free to play in both the original and its sequel. To unlock all four episodes you must pay $3.99 in each game.
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The Quest for the Holy Grail of Email Apps

February 2019 UPDATE: I wrote this in 2016 and since then I’ve switched from iPhone to Android (yes, really!). I’ll be updating this list to include Android apps ASAP, y’all, cross my heart. 

As always, I’m on the hunt for the perfect email app. I never paid much attention to email until I went back to school and had to communicate just about 24/7 with professors and classmates (group projects – gah). Now it’s post-grad time and I’m job hunting just about 24/7. Email apps I’ve used (favorites are marked):

Spark (💸free on iPhone💸)

The Short ‘n’ Sweet

  • Spark is like Mary Poppins: it’s practically perfect.
  • It was my all time favorite email app until it started to have a serious lag in receiving email. I compared alongside other email apps.


  • Smart Inbox – the inbox is divided into different sections, such as “new” and “inbox”, and junk and newsletters are filtered out into their own sections (this is all customizable)
  • Clean, sleek UI that uses a compact design so you can see more emails at one time
  • VERY customizable in all ways – 3 themes and it’s own alert sound ( but can set to Apple’s if you prefer)


  • The font is small (IMO). Adjusting your system font won’t increase (or decrease) Spark’s font (the inbox is kind of crazy-small), and Spark doesn’t have font settings.
  • In recent months I’ve noticed a delay in receiving emails.
  • No sender icons show up in the inbox – text only

Airmail ($4.99 on iPhone)

The Short ‘n’ Sweet

  • Gorgeous UI that’s customizable in just about every respect imaginable, except that themes are not an option at this time (July 2016)
  • So. Many. Options!
  • Only downside to this app is that the inbox doesn’t automatically filter out spam and newsletters


  • Everything, lol. Really! But especially the…
  • Options – 5 inbox filters, customizable icons for your emails accounts, customizable notifications per account, many different inbox view options, send emails to Dropbox, print, add sender to VIP, unsubscribe, send to Google Drive, etc…
  • Receives email more quickly than any app I’ve tried
  • Great conversation thread view with collapsible conversations


  • No automatic junk and newsletter filtering (see below) – however, the 5 filter options make up for it (be aware that these filters only appear once you have enough emails in your inbox to scroll)

I’ll add to this list periodically until further notice.